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3 September 2020

Legalization is fast approaching, but it still won’t be legal to smoke up and drive. The Consequences Could be deadly

Yes, marijuana will soon be legal to consume recreationally in Canada. That being said, it’s up to the provinces to decide on nearly everything, and that includes how harshly to punish those who drive under the influence of pot. In many provinces, you will be treated as harshly as if […]
3 September 2020

Addicted Workers and Why We Need To Help Them

Despite what many may believe, most folks who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are not mindless zombies that wander the streets of Vancouver’s east side accosting tourists and frightening people. While it is tragic that in a country like Canada that we offer so little to those people, it’s […]
3 September 2020

Marijuana Legalization and those Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

The future is quickly approaching! Thinking back to the years of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the legalization of marijuana was still very much a taboo topic. With the exception of a few visionaries, most of the population at that time never thought they would see the day where […]
3 September 2020

Halifax Heat Welcoming Palm Trees

The summer can be an exceptionally hot and humid time in Halifax. The temperatures continue to rise with little hope of relief in the near forecast. These hotter summers have brought inspiration to the municipality’s horticulturalist, who has recently decided to dawn a traditionally tropical plant in some Halifax parks. […]
3 September 2020

Marijuana & Driving: Testing for DUIs

As the legalization of recreational marijuana quickly approaches, public health is at the forefront of conversation among government officials and advocates. Following in the footsteps of others who have decriminalized marijuana use, or even the use of all drugs, as is the case in Portugal, Canada is taking a huge step […]
3 September 2020

A Natural Addiction Treatment

The Benefits of Nature and Forest Bathing for Addiction Treatment at Drug Rehab Forest Bathing is a form therapy that was developed in Japan in the 1980s, and has become increasingly popular worldwide. Forest Bathing is the practice of spending time in the forest, and often includes practicing mindfulness, through […]
3 September 2020

Life & Addiction: Focus on the Positive

Rumination—the pattern of focusing on the negative Replaying a mistake over and over in your head, or endlessly rehashing the details of a conversation are common responses when something goes wrong. As humans, we have evolved to disproportionately focus on the negative. In the past, when we were faced with […]

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