Drug addiction and rehab research articles.

3 September 2020

Addiction, the Loneliest Disease

The Lonely Beginnings of Addiction Addiction and loneliness are closely intertwined, exacerbating one another, creating a dangerous cycle. Often, addiction begins as a type of self-medication, sometimes to medicate the loneliness one might be feeling. Indeed, a lack of meaningful relationships or social support can leave someone feeling pretty down, […]
3 September 2020

Marijuana Legalization and Moms

More Moms Lighting Up \The idea that mom’s need a little something to help them cope with the stresses of parenthood is nothing new, from “Mother’s Little Helper” referring to benzodiazepines, and the omnipresent “Wine Mom”, we are well accustomed to medicating moms. However, with the growing acceptance and more […]
3 September 2020

A Better Father’s Day After Drug Rehab

Becoming the Best Father You Can Be After Drug Rehab Drug abuse often damages many important relationships in a drug user’s life, and can prevent them from being a supportive and loving parent. When drug use is prioritized over parenting, the parent-child relationship becomes damaged or nonexistent. Drug rehab and […]
3 September 2020

Dancing through Drug Rehab

What is Dance Movement Therapy Dance Movement Therapy employs dance as a remedy for psychological trauma. Dance Movement Therapy allows for physical, rather than verbal, expression of emotions and thoughts. This deviation from traditional talk therapy offers a solution to those individuals who have difficulty articulating and verbally sharing their […]
3 September 2020

Marijuana vs. Opioids: Legality Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

The Pursuit of an Effective Pain Treatment Chronic pain effects a large portion of the population, limiting their ability to partake in meaningful daily activities and reducing their quality of life. For years, doctors have turned to prescription opioids to help their patients cope with the pain and regain some […]
3 September 2020

Methamphetamines and Opiates, A Dangerous and Fatal Cocktail

Methamphetamines are back. They cost less, are more addictive, and the purity of this stimulant is stronger than ever before. Meth is back and it’s more dangerous than ever. The days of users making their own meth in bathtubs is something like folklore these days. Since 2006, the US government […]
3 September 2020

Addiction and Alzheimer’s: Music to Patient’s Ears

Addiction and Alzheimer’s What do Alzheimer’s and addiction have in common? They are both diseases of the brain, and as such, their treatment should be aimed at addressing the underlying causes of the disease within the brain. A new and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s sounds like music to our ears! […]
3 September 2020

Self-Care for Loved Ones During Drug Addiction

Addiction—a chronic disease—puts a large toll on both the individual suffering from addiction, as well as those caring for them. Indeed, the chronic nature of addiction requires a sustainable approach to treatment and recovery for everyone involved. The majority of care is aimed toward the individual suffering from addiction, leaving […]
3 September 2020

Drug Addiction Treatment Delivered Through “Digiceutical”

Smartphones and mobile technology have become ubiquitous in our society. Our phones are used for almost everything from the social, like sharing pictures and making plans, to the mundane, like paying bills and refilling prescriptions. As a result, concerns about tech addiction have become more common. The difficulty with which […]

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