We at Searidge Foundation are always exploring new ways to help our clients. Entering an addiction recovery program is a difficult time for anyone, and we are committed to finding the best treatment plan tailored to every single individual that we work with. Natural or “home” remedies have been a big part of every culture since the dawn of humankind. Thousands of years ago, it was all we had, and it allowed us to prosper and build the incredible civilizations and ways of life we hold so dear today. Modern medicine would never have reached such an impressive state as it exists in today had it not been for healers, shamans and medicine women of many, many generations past.

The clinically trained staff at Searidge believe firmly in an approach that draws from cognitive behavioral therapy and psychologically proven rehabilitation treatments, but we know as well as anyone that in order to serve our clients best, it is fundamental that we get them to a place where their body’s own healing can begin to work it’s wonders. Whether this be good food, exercise and a great night’s sleep or stimulating their senses in a healthy and positive way, it’s an important part of the recovery process that is often overlooked at many treatment centres.

Searidge offers our patients a truly unique recovery experience that includes not only the scientific approach to treatment, but alternative therapies such as yoga and acupuncture to bolster the chance of success through anxiety reduction and mental well-being. While to many this sounds like “folk medicine” or even nonsense, it can be incredibly helpful for many who are struggling on the path to sobriety and healthy living. Will a tai-chi class at Searidge, or a massage after a long day of therapy and treatment have the same effect as our proven psychological approach? No, but to ignore the benefits of what nature has provided us would be foolish when we are helping folks through one of the most devastating and trying illnesses to overcome. Addiction is messy, heartbreaking and deeply rooted in the psyches of many of our clients, and using everything at our disposal to combat it just makes sense.

New research into natural remedies such as lavender and other herbal medicines are fascinating, and while our knee-jerk reaction may be to ignore such things as the evidence has been lacking, perhaps they are now worth a second look.

Helping those suffering from addiction is difficult, why not combine the power of science, nature and the healing potential within our bodies and mind to persevere in recovery?