Searidge Drug Rehab is located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

3289 Evangeline Trail,
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, B0S 1A0

Phone: 1-888-777-9953

We are located at 3289 Evangeline Trail, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Evangeline is a fine name. It means messenger of good news. And we certainly mean to live up to that fine name and deliver good news to those who need help to rehabilitate from drug addiction and associated emotional and psychological disorders. We selected our rehab’s location to provide the comfort and peace and healing from a drug addiction that being close to nature provides. Our drug rehab center overlooks the Bay of Fundy designated one of the Seven Wonders of North America and a United Nations UNESCO World Heritage site. It is indeed a place of wonder and healing from drug addiction and can bring peace and serenity to recovery from drug addiction, and to all willing to take a moment to soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Getting to our Rehab Center from Nova Scotia is something we can help with. We offer free pickup and return transportation in Nova Scotia within a 250 Kilometer (155 mile) radius of our rehab center. If you need a pickup in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick outside of this radius there is a nominal charge per kilometer for the extra distance.

Coming from the Saint John New Brunswick area to Nova Scotia is a comfortable ferry ride from St. John to Digby Nova Scotia. We offer free transportation from the Digby Nova Scotia ferry terminal to our rehab center.

For patients from outside Nova Scotia we provide complimentary pickup at the Halifax Nova Scotia airport.

History of Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia

Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia is a very safe place for a drug rehab, far removed from the drugs found everywhere in larger urban centers. It is an ideal location for a drug rehab center. The combination of a welcoming and creative culture and the inspiring beauty of nature creates the perfect environment for a drug rehab resident in addiction recovery.

The Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia area is one of Canada’s primary historical areas. In 1605 this area of Nova Scotia became home to some of North America’s earliest European settlers. We are part of a beautiful waterfront community nestled in the Annapolis Valley.

The Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia area has gained a reputation as a vibrant centre for cultural activity, and over the years it has become a magnet for visual artists, craftspeople, performers and writers.

We’re proud of our many well-preserved heritage buildings that make up one of the loveliest street scapes in Nova Scotia and in the country.

Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia is renowned for its friendly nature. Anyone coming to visit our welcoming Nova Scotia community is bound to immediately feel at home. This is the perfect place to recover from drug addiction and rekindle your joy for life. Our Nova Scotian staff welcomes you to make yourself at home, relax, and enjoy the comfortable peace of our Searidge Drug Rehab.