At Searidge Foundation we understand the important role of continuing education in implementing cutting-edge treatments. The world of addiction treatment continually has new developments and advancements, which allow us to provide our patients with first-class, evidence-based treatments promoting their well-being and recovery. In order to implement these cutting-edge treatments in a timely and effective manner, having access to academic researchers is a great asset to our foundation.

Exemplifying our commitment to the continuing education of our team and the continuous improvement of the quality of care we provide, we have invited Dr. Sean Barrett to be our academic advisor.

Dr. Sean Barrett is the director of the Dalhousie Substance Use and Addictions Lab, as well as the director of Training for the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Dalhousie University. Dr. Barrett’s addiction research, specifically within the Nova Scotian population, makes him uniquely informed regarding the issues Searidge Foundation’s patients face. As such, Dr. Barrett is able to provide invaluable guidance regarding current research, evidence-based guidelines, and courses of treatment. This population-specific direction will ensure Searidge Foundation continues to provide life-changing treatment to each of our patients.