Drug addiction and rehab research articles.

26 September 2022


The importance of friends in recovery “So, no one told you life was going to be this way. Your jobs a joke you’re broke your love life’s DOA. I’ll be there for you, ’cause you’re there for me too. “ That is what we want in life, isn’t it? We […]
13 September 2022

Reefer madness

22 August 2022

What is the Blue Mind?

What is the Blue Mind and how it helps heal addiction How being near water helps us change our perception of joy. I can say with complete confidence that the best part of my day is waking up, looking out my window at the trees, listening to the waves crashing […]
14 June 2022

How you can be there for a person in recovery.

How to help when rehab ends. How to Support Your Loved-One after Rehab  it is a beautiful thing to watch a loved one choose to start their recovery journey. Enrolling in a rehabilitation program can be a crucial first step, but it is still only the beginning. Life after rehab […]
12 October 2021

How Does my Environment Affect My Recovery? 

Recovery is not a straightforward path, and it is rarely ever a linear process. When you start your journey of recovery, you will face some challenges; ups and downs are a normal part of this journey. There are many factors which play a role in determining how your healing journey will go and your […]
3 September 2020

The Role Pharmacies Play in Addiction Recovery

The Frontline in the Fight Against Addiction The pharmacy is often a stop on our weekend “to do” list. We need to pick up some allergy medicine, a bag of milk, some shampoo and maybe a chocolate bar on our way through the checkout. Sometimes, though, we make our way […]
3 September 2020

Why The Opioid Pendulum May Have Swung Dangerously Too Far

The war on over prescribing has begun, and like any messy conflict, collateral damage is rampant already. Doctors, drug companies and pharmacies are trying to reverse the trend of over prescribing, and it’s long overdue, but the shift comes with it a few problems that cannot be ignored. Among these […]
3 September 2020

Scary, Spooky, Superstition?

Are you rational? Do you believe in things that aren’t real? Those are hard questions to answer, and they are also a load of hooey. Why? Because no human being is totally rational, nor do we know with certainty that any of us believe (spiritually, so to speak) in something […]
3 September 2020

Thanksgiving Survival Guide: 3 Ways To Stay on Track With Recovery

The holidays bring us tremendous joy, but they can be a very trying time for many people recovering from addiction. The sheer indulgence many of us partake in during the holidays is impressive in itself, but can lead to a loss of control in other areas. Scarfing down 14 buns, […]